Red Star Express plc has entered into a partnership with Arik Air as the General Sales Agent (GSA).

The announcement was made during a recent official chat with the Chief Operating Officer of Red Star Freight, Mudiaga Okumagba, at the company’s headquarters.

According to him, the partnership is expected to enhance Red Star Express’ cargo movement across Nigeria from any location and at any time of the day. 

“We are happy with this yet another achievement in the GSA space. It is going to impact our efficiency and service delivery to our customers. Having an integrated approach like this would help improve our service deliveries across all our business units and subsidiaries,” he stated.

While giving his remarks, the Business Development and Freight Manager (GSA), Mr. Adeyinka Adewumi, stressed that Red Star Express being Arik Air’s exclusive cargo broker, is a considerable achievement.

He noted that Red Star Express has always wanted to play in this space by becoming the top GSA in Africa and it is great to see that the desire is coming to fruition.