Executive Chef, Aleksandar Pavlovic

Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja is excited to announce the arrival of their new Executive Chef – Aleksandar Pavlovic.

The General Manager for Lagos Marriott Hotel- Rudi Janse Van Rensburg gladly announces “We are excited to welcome our New Executive Chef-Aleksandar Pavlovic. 

Aleks, as he fondly loves to be called arrives with a vast wealth of experience in hospitality with 7 years of quality experience in food expertise under Marriott.

Aleksandar, is 31 yrs. old and hails from the Republic of Serbia. Happily married to his wife Jelica, the couple have a lovely 3-year-old daughter.

He has had the rare opportunity to serve top heads of government, VIPs in G4 countries and acclaimed Holly Wood movie stars and celebrities.

Aleks started cooking from the early age of 6 and all major events in his life have evolved around food. From meeting his wife, while teaching her to cook, to the birth of his child in the middle of busy service.

Prior to the start of his career, the culinary expert graduated from both the School of Catering and the College of Hotel Management in Serbia. With a passion for food; Aleks is well known for his inventive cooking styles and his insightful and unique food preparations which inspires imagination and a keen desire to discover more from each dish he puts forward.

His ultimate goal is to dedicate himself to providing food service excellence as his infused and very creative menus are every brilliant traveler’s dream.

It is not business as usual with Chef Aleks but instead a brilliant and inventive new take on food delivery. Chef Aleks promises to deliver to our sophisticated Lagos clientele and new set of curious savvy travelers; insightful and deliciously inspiring food offerings to keep our guests coming back for more.

When Aleks is not cooking up sumptuous delicacies using his favorite styles of roasting or grilling he prefers to recreate with Serbian Folk Music or explore the world through the lens of travel with his family. He also loves swimming and playing volleyball. We are delighted to welcome Chef Aleksandar Pavlovic to Lagos Marriott Ikeja and we wish him giant strides in his new venture with us” Says Rudi.