The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has noted that following the air return involving an aircraft operated by Azman Air, they have commenced investigation of the incident.

In a statement released by AIB, they were notified on the 7th November, 2019 of the air return involving a Boeing 737-500 aircraft operated by Azman Air, with registration marks 5N-SYS.

The bureau stated that the incident which was said to be as a result of fire onboard the aircraft , leading to an emergency landing was a false alert.

The aircraft, which departed Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos at 15:48 local time was enroute Abuja with 90 persons and 5 crew members onboard. Information gathered from ATC indicated that the crew reported fire onboard at 15:55 local time and thereafter declared a ‘May Day’.

The crew requested for an air return to Lagos for landing and emergency services (ARFFS) were on standby.

The crew later downgraded the emergency to Urgency –PANPAN and the aircraft landed safely at 15: 57 local time. All the occupants disembarked normally and safely with no injury.

The AIB team of safety investigators dispatched for assessment / investigation of the incident discovered that the fire warning alert was false.

The Bureau can authoritatively confirm that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has declared the aircraft to ‘be in Airworthy condition to return to service’.  The aircraft has therefore been returned to service accordingly.

Meanwhile, an unidentified lady has been arrested as a result of the mid-air fire incident inside the toilet of the Azman plane from Lagos to Abuja.

The fire was said to be as a result of a passenger burning incense in the toilet on the plane. The lady has since been arrested upon landing while passengers also demanded for the arrest of the pilot as it was said that he was notified of the incident before takeoff, but he ignored it.