Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc (SAHCO) has further augmented its fleets of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) by acquiring 10 electric conveyor belt loaders, the first of its kind in Nigeria, to boost Ground Handling operations across all the commercially operated airports in the country.

The Electric conveyor belt loaders which were manufactured by Charlatte Manutention, a renowned aviation industry manufacturer and supplier of quality Ground Support Equipment in France, are fitted with modern technology with zero carbon monoxide emission, it uses 80 volts rechargeable batteries with low maintenance cost which has the potential to save SAHCO a lot of money that could have been spent on diesel, petrol, fuel filters, Engine oil etc. The Ground support Equipment is an upgraded version of existing conveyor belt loader in the market, it is very convenient to use and fitted with an anti-collision system.

Concurrently, the electric conveyer belt loaders which are designed to convey baggage and goods into the aircraft are ruggedly built to withstand the African terrain and weather conditions. SAHCO is reputed to invest in environment friendly Ground Support Equipment hence the need for the purchase of these new feats of technology. The electric conveyor belt loader can service wide body aircrafts and also narrow body aircrafts.

Also, SAHCO which was recently crowned with the Best Performing Stock Award during the BusinessDay/NGX Awards in Lagos is constantly investing in unique Ground Support Equipment to serve her constantly growing list of clienteles that are spread across all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria.

It should be noted that SAHCO Plc was the first to introduce electric GSE into the Nigerian Ground Handling Support System when it commissioned five Electric Tow Tractors in 2021 which have since been deployed and have been in use.

Recently, SAHCO also acquiredten Passenger Step Units that have the capacity to provide passenger access to a wide range of aircrafts which included B747, B777, B767, A340, A380, A320, an Air Starter Unit (ASU) which is used to supply necessary quantity of air at a specified pressure to aircrafts while it is parked and two units of Airmarrel High Loader LAM 7000.