After several months, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has approved in-flight catering services for all domestic airlines, setting new standards for operations. According to the Authority, the airlines are only permitted to serve pre-packed meals, snacks etc in sealed containers to their passengers during disembarkation. Passengers are not allowed to consume in-flight.

Catering Service providers have been identified by the Authority as one of the key service providers to airlines that are required to put in place COVID-19 risk management measures to assure the travelling public that catering products (meals, snacks etc) served on board flights are not a potential sources of COVID-19 infection.

With  the resumption of domestic flight operations in the country, in-flight catering companies were required by the Authority to carry out regular risk assessments of their operations and put in place remedial actions to address any identified hazard to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 virus to their customers through their products.

In a circular issued by the Authority, catering in form of packed meals (food and snacks) can be served on domestic flights by in-flights catering companies who have carried out the appropriate risk assessment  and have the approval of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

NCAA advised that all in-flight catering service providers comply with these new provisions.