There are strong indications that Med-View Airline, which temporarily suspended flight operations would recommence services in the next few weeks.

Fact to this emerged on Thursday when Mr. Michael Ajigbotoso, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) told journalists in Lagos that the management was preparing to return to service operations in November.

Ajigbotoso told aviation correspondents in Lagos that the airline, which remains the only carrier on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) had to temporarily suspended operations due to lack of equipment, but assured that the management had perfected plans to return to some of its old routes in the country.

He also declared that the airline was in compliance with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs) (A), stressing that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) was aware of its current status.

The COO emphasised that some of its aircraft, which went for maintenance checks would return to service very soon.

He insisted that the airline would return to service stronger despite the recent challenge in operations, assuring that safety and comfort of its passengers are still paramount to its operations.

He also commended the staff of the organization for their commitment and sustained belief in the airline despite the recent operational challenges.

He further commended the staff and committed clients would stand by it in this period, stressing that the airline would not fail them.

He said: “We appreciate the staff for their commitment in spite of the little operational challenges, which we believe are the hallmark of any business. Businesses have their high and low moments and I can tell you we are surmounting the challenges. We are coming back soon bigger and better.

“Also, to our numerous customers, we want to tell you that the best is yet to come. We have done it before, making the nation proud at the domestic, regional and international fronts. We have been consistent with our hajj operations in the past 14 years. We remain the only carrier to have done that successfully.

“We want to assure you that as soon as our aircraft return from the scheduled maintenance, we will begin to provide the excellent and safe flight services, which we are known for and maintained since the commencement of our operations.”