Hahn Air Systems, the global consolidation service connecting air, rail and shuttle partners to all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), launched a chatbot today, increasing its digital servicing channels to now include passengers. The chatbot, named ‘Heidi’, will initially be available on Facebook with plans to expand it further in the future. 

Developed in cooperation with Caravelo, a Spanish based technology company specialising in solutions for the airline industry, Heidi was launched to support passengers travelling on one of over 80 Hahn Air Systems’ partner airlines. By visiting Heidi on Facebook at www.facebook.com/H1andX1, travellers are now able to chat privately via Facebook Messenger and receive immediate assistance with matters relating to the provider’s H1-Air solution and the respective partner carriers’ services. They can thus enquire about their booking details, baggage allowance for their flights, itineraries as well as obtain support for web check-ins. In the initial phase, Heidi will communicate with passengers in English; other languages will follow.

Heidi’s content is based on the most common searches on the Hahn Air website and questions posed to the Service Desk. With the new chatbot, Hahn Air Systems will offer passengers fast and personalised assistance. In addition, passengers can also consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the Hahn Air website www.hahnair.com.

“Although Hahn Air Systems is a purely business-to-business solutions provider, we wanted to give the growing number of travellers who travel with one of our H1-Air carriers the possibility to access instantaneous, round-the-clock support. We will be continuously developing Heidi and expand her bank of frequently asked questions to cater to the growing needs of passengers”, says Head of Hahn Air Systems, Alexander Proschka.