Delta Air Lines has announced that it will pay out more than $1 billion in profit sharing for the fourth year in a row and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments made possible by its more than 80,000 employees around the world.

Delta employees earned the $1.1 billion payout for their role in delivering record-breaking operational and customer satisfaction performance as well as strong financial performance.

“This is the fourth year in a row that Delta’s profit sharing has topped $1 billion — a milestone no company in history has ever achieved,” said Delta’s Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian. “Delta people are the reason for our success and Valentine’s Day is our favorite day each year as we celebrate the incredible results our people have delivered.”

The airline has paid out more than $5 billion through its profit-sharing program over the past five years. Through the program, employees share in the success they create together through hard work and a focus on the customer.

“Our industry-leading profit sharing and compensation philosophy reflect a decision we made a long time ago to share in the company’s success each year with our people who make it possible,” Bastian said. “Rather than make a one-off payment like other companies, Delta is invested in highly competitive base pay, an industry-leading annual profit sharing plan, and monthly bonuses each year when the airline performs well.”

This compensation approach has resulted in an 80 percent increase in total annual compensation since 2008.

Celebrations around the world

Delta employees working together as one have made Delta the Most Awarded Airline. To commemorate this milestone and honor their 2017 performance and hard work, the airline created a puzzle from the hull of a retired Delta 747, which will be unveiled at the airline’s Atlanta headquarters at the Delta Flight Museum.

Delta Profit Sharing 2018 PuzzleFollowing the ceremony, each of the airline’s more than 80,000 Delta employees will receive a puzzle piece, serving as a constant reminder of the importance and impact of their efforts on the company’s overall success, working together.