Aero Contractors, Nigeria’s oldest aviation company has offered her unreserved apologies to its highly esteemed customers who suffered disruption of services during the week out of Asaba and Abuja. 

The delay of flight according to the airline was as a result of bad weather that we experienced on that day.  The flight which took off from Abuja could not land in Asaba and so had to return to Abuja. It later went back to Asaba but due to sunset time limitation in Asaba, the flights had to be combines as the flight from Lagos was also delayed due to bad weather. 

The over booked passengers were offered rebate tickets on their next flight or total refund. One passenger was routed via our Benin-Abuja flight the next day while another one was accommodated.

On the N2-128 flight service from Abuja to Lagos, one of the aircraft that was meant to night stop out of base had an APU issue which technical needed to fix by having the aircraft back in Lagos.  Unfortunately the earlier operating aircraft had a bigger capacity, so there was an excess of booked passengers. Dana Air was contacted for the re-protection of the passengers which the airline agreed to do, but some of the passengers refused, insisting on going with Aero.

This led to the delay but finally almost all the passengers were put on Dana while one passenger was refunded his money based on his preference. 

Aero offered an unreserved apologies to all customers and assures them that adequate measures will be taken in their operations to ensure this does not repeat itself.