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Did I Pay Too Much for That Airline Ticket?

By Justin Bachman Deciding exactly when to buy a plane ticket, and whether it’s a “good” price when you do, has thrown up a cottage industry around

U.S. Should Auction Air Routes

- By Peter R. Orszag The Department of Transportation is in the process of deciding which U.S. airline should be awarded new nonstop routes between Los Angeles

State of Nigerian airports infrastructure

By Yakubu Dati The deluge of doubts that trailed the remodeling of airports across Nigeria, is giving way to rays of hope as great expectations have replaced

Who pays for London City Airport’s golden ticket?

By George Hay London City Airport’s new owners are offering 2 billion pounds for the east London airport. But with such a generous price, who will really

AMAECHI sets the ball in Transport

By Yakubu Dati " ... leadership courage, within or outside governance , transfers back to, and animates follower, so that when a familiar voice is heard saying

Nigerian Aviation: Review of 2015

Not a few believe that a reform of the sector has become imperative viewing from the backdrop of Nigerian airlines dying within five years of commencing operations. The growth

Nigerian Airports—Sorry, We Are Renovating…

By Yakubu Dati Last year, when some Nigerian newspapers enthusiastically carried a report by an online site curiously named Sleeping in Airports and its so-called report ,‘Best

The stinging verdict on Nigeria’s airports as world’s worst

By WOLE SHADARE Last week, Nigerians were jolted by a survey carried out by SleepingInAirports, an internationally respected travel website. The firm in conjunction with Cable News

Engineer Dunoma – A Simple, Quiet Achiever

Yakubu Dati  Being at the top of his career has not changed his simple character and his quiet demeanour. Engineer Saleh Dunoma,

Hotels adopt scent branding to target customers

By Coollen Clark I’m battling my way through the pungent masses of Times Square in August when I’m suddenly transported: a cliff jump into a turquoise cove,