Sheraton Lagos Hotel is happy to announce plans to celebrate beer and pizza day with a special deal for customers and pizza lovers.

To celebrate ‘Beer and Pizza Day’ on the 9th of October 2017, the General Manager of the Hotel- Mr. Barry Curran, explains “  Sheraton Lagos Hotel will be giving 15% off all pizzas ordered on this day as well as a free beer. This allows patrons to have a taste of their favorite pizzas at a reduced rate. Beer and pizza is the most iconic food combination and the hotel trusts that this will be a hit for all who come through the Italian Restaurant on the ninth”.

The hotel has perfected the art of making the most delicious pizzas with recipes that have been carefully and meticulously put together and are sure to take all that try it on a culinary experience that cannot be felt anywhere else.”

“At Sheraton Lagos, actions speak louder than words and with the hotel’s proven success and exceptional reputation in culinary expertise, The Sheraton Lagos Hotel looks forward to inviting all pizza lovers and enthusiasts to the property to celebrate this great day”. Concluded Barry Curran.


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