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How much is your hotel loyalty worth?

By Mitch Lipka When it comes to hotel stays, Gary Burris is loyal to a fault. In about 20 years of traveling, he has stayed 1,079

Feature: Why Nigerian airlines are in doldrums

By Wole Shadare Over the past decade, global airline industry has desperately turned to mergers, consolidating with the hope of achieving economies of scale. For Nigerian airlines,

Airline safety after crash

By Edward Hadas Air travel is extremely safe, and getting safer. Last week’s Germanwings disaster is unlikely to change either trend. Still, it certainly seems that a

The Aero political battle: USA vs The Gulf

By Simon Tumba Over the last ten years the resurgence of the middle eastern mega carriers; Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad appears to be the benchmark for

AVIATION COMMITS: implementation and sustainability are key to delivery

By Olumide Ohunayo A couple of days ago industry players were gathered at the Oriental hotel Lekki, at the instance of the Honourable Minister Aviation for the

X-raying Chidoka’s ‘new’ policy

By Wole Shadare The date was February 3, 2015 and the venue was the magnificent Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos. The hall was jam-packed. It was a launch of


John Ojikutu Until few months ago, the past two years have been a tough time in the Nigerian aviation sector. In many ways, it has been a

How to Get the Most From Your Airline Points 

By Allison Schrager One of my largest assets is about to take a hit, and there’s nothing I can do about it. In January, my United Airlines (UAL) points will fall

The State of Global Aviation – As Africa’s leading Economy, what is at stake for Nigeria Airlines and Aviation Development in 2015

By Primus Igboaka As former senior correspondent of defunct National Concord, Ispent my years in the newsroom writing about airport and aviation. Even when I was assigned

Aviation Portal Brings Turning Point for Nigeria’s Air Passengers

In all spheres of life, innovation is known to be the driver of change. Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka knows it. On a recent Thursday, he brought