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YOUR MONEY – Rethinking airline points strategy

- BY MITCH LIPKA Earning and using airline miles used to be simple. Fly 25,000 miles and earn a free flight. It is not so simple anymore.

The future of travel? A tube called hyperloop

By Joel Flynn When asked to imagine the future of transportation, most might draw a car of the future, perhaps solar powered and autonomously driven. For

Mr. President scrap the Ministry of Aviation

- By Simon Tumba  Recently some aviation professionals released a statement calling on President Muhammadu Buhari not to merge the Ministry of Aviation with Transport,

How to Stay Online All the Time While You’re Traveling.

- By Seth Porges Plenty of employers expect workers to make themselves available virtually all the time, especially when they're traveling for business. Unfortunately, that expectation overestimates

Hotel discounts are hard to keep if you extend your stay

By Mitch Lipka But when a change in plans required him to stay another day, all bets were off. The price soared to $720 a

Big milestone for airline alliance

BY PROF. WOFGANG H. THOME Airline alliances, global as they may be or claim to be, show a mixed picture when it comes to Africa. Star Alliance

When booking travel online, it pays to shop around

By Mitch Lipka When Christel Shea was trying to book a trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Greenville, South Carolina a couple of weeks ago, it took

How Airlines Turned Your Vacation Plans into a losing bet

....... Shopping for plane tickets is a Byzantine game, and consumer complaints are growing By Richard Zoglin To appreciate how crazy the airline fare-shopping game has

Buhari, call off the shindig

- By Simon Tumba In about a week from now Muhammadu Buhari will be sworn as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and will face huge

The Discerning Traveller

By Jonathan Coen The act of travelling goes beyond moving from Point A to B. The purpose behind a trip itself informs every aspect needed to make